Ralph James

Ralph James

Associate Laboratory Director, Savannah River National Laboratory

As the Associate Laboratory Director for Science and Technology, Ralph James provides strategic leadership to SRNL programs in analytical development, materials science and technology, research and development engineering, and analytical laboratory area projects. Dr. James also serves as Chief Research Officer, assessing SRNL’s core competencies and its Laboratory Directed Research and Development program. Dr. James has over 35 years of experience in research and development in multiple fields, including nonproliferation, national security, environmental remediation, nuclear medicine, energy, and astrophysics.

Dr. James previously worked as Associate Laboratory Director for Energy, Environment and National Security at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, where he led interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers focused on these mission areas. He was also the Principal Investigator on multiple projects connected to advances in radiation detectors and instruments, including crystal growth, materials analysis and characterization techniques, low-noise electronics, imaging instrumentation, and field-portable spectrometers.

Dr. James was also a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories and a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. James is an inventor with 25 patents and has over 660 scientific publications, 6 book chapters, and 15 invited review articles. He has edited 32 books on semiconductors, spectroscopy, and medical imaging and has served as chairman of over 35 conferences devoted to materials science or radiation detection.

Dr. James has been awarded numerous international honors for his work on nuclear detection and imaging and has received six R&D100 Awards. He has also been named Discover Magazine’s Innovator of the Year. Other honors include the Award of Excellence for lifetime achievements by the Society of Solid-State Chemists, the Gordon Battelle Award for Technology Innovation, and inductee into the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, SPIE, APS, OSA, MRS, and AAAS societies, and served as the President of SPIE and as Board Chairman for the Council for Scientific Society Presidents.